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New York LLC formation

The success of your business in New York starts right from its inception. You must carefully work out every detail of your business, from finding a great team and being on the right side of the law. One of the first and most important decisions that you will make is...

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When businesses go public

During business formation and planning is when you want to strategize for a future IPO. New York is a world stage for initial public offerings, but planning for an IPO should be based on the right motivations. Going public is a challenge if you don't know where to get...

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How New York is limiting NDA’s

Non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, are contracts used to keep people from talking about the terms of a settlement. At other times, they're used by employers to ensure confidentiality is honored. In recent years, this has become a serious issue in New York State....

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Dealing with a partnership dispute

Partnerships are very common business entities throughout the state of New York. They vary significantly in size and scope, ranging from small family partnership businesses to large enterprises that combine the assets and business knowledge of multiple entrepreneurs....

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