Business Law
Skilled legal counsel for business formation, contracts, litigation and more.
Civil Litigation
Protecting your interests in personal injury, real estate litigation, will contests and other types of civil disputes.

Providing the Dedicated Legal Advocacy and Attentive Service You Deserve

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With over 27 years of trial experience, attorney Terry Kirwan provides seasoned counsel and advocacy to individuals and business owners in New York State.

If you are facing a legal issue, the outcome has the potential to significantly impact your life and your finances. The lawyer with whom you choose to instill your trust and representation with is crucial.

The attorneys at Kirwan Law in Syracuse, New York, have obtained proven results for individuals and business owners throughout New York State. Our success for our clients stems from our firm’s relentless nature and willingness to listen and respect our clients’ needs.

Aggressive Pursuit and Defense of Your Interests in Court

We handle a wide variety of commercial and civil law cases, including contract disputes, personal injurywill contests and real estate litigation, among others. We will tackle your legal concerns and manage them with pride. By instilling your trust in Kirwan Law, you can rest assured that your matter will be handled with care.

If you are involved in a dispute that may need to be resolved in court, look no further than attorney Terry Kirwan. Utilizing his extensive knowledge of and passion for the civil justice system will prove advantageous to your legal matters. He is your powerful advocate in New York State.

Listening to Your Goals — Your Initial Consultation

Your essential first meeting with Mr. Kirwan establishes the foundation for a productive and successful working relationship. To inquire further and arrange this confidential candid discussion of your objectives at our office, call 315-741-5946 or email us.