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Starting a business? Include this info in your employee handbook

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Business Formation |

Starting a business can be an exciting chapter in your life. Ensuring that you have covered all your bases for employee relations is of high importance as you begin taking steps toward hiring and supervising. Among other vital documents, developing a thorough employee handbook can protect you as a business owner and it will help your employees better understand the expectations you have of them going forward.

First, you will want to identify what elements are important to your business. How you communicate these elements in the employee handbook is key to its success. Furthermore, it is vital that the handbook clearly explains United States federal laws as they pertain to your employees’ role in the business. Such laws relate to:

  • Policies on family medical leave
  • Worker’s compensation policies
  • Non-discrimination and equal opportunity employment policies

Note that additional information will likely be required, especially as addressed by the New York Department of Labor laws.

Clauses and additional policies

In addition to relevant employment laws, you will also want clauses that provide disclaimers regarding the intentions of the handbook. You will want to note, for instance, that policies in your employee handbook may be subject to change. And, furthermore, much of your handbook may consist of:

  • Your various policies regarding vacation and sick pay
  • Benefits, salary and promotions
  • A history of the company
  • Behavioral expectations

While it may not always be the most exciting step, drafting a successful employee handbook that covers the full extent of laws and expectations can help provide your business with a firm foundation. For additional resources or help, reach out to an attorney or seek additional resources related to employee handbook formation.

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