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Business Law

When to file a trade secret claim

The intellectual property of your New York business may be a matter of great secrecy. As long as you commit no criminal acts, you have every right to keep it so. You may find that some or all of your trade secrets are being infringed on by another party. If this is...

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What is an easement in gross?

An easement in gross is a right that allows someone to legally utilize a property that someone else owns. The easement is valid until the owner of the property holds or moves into it. A property owner can allow other people to use the property according to the owner's...

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Arbitration and contract disputes

New York businesses regularly enter into contracts, and they will face issues from time to time with respect to all parties fulfilling established obligations. Disputes can stem from potentially any type of business agreement. There are two primary options other than...

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How New York is limiting NDA’s

Non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, are contracts used to keep people from talking about the terms of a settlement. At other times, they're used by employers to ensure confidentiality is honored. In recent years, this has become a serious issue in New York State....

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Dealing with a partnership dispute

Partnerships are very common business entities throughout the state of New York. They vary significantly in size and scope, ranging from small family partnership businesses to large enterprises that combine the assets and business knowledge of multiple entrepreneurs....

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