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Business succession planning: doing it right is an imperative

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Business Formation |

A full-service commercial law firm that provides comprehensive service to valued and diverse business clients operates across a broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities.

That is rendered explicitly clear on our website at the proven Upstate New York offices of Kirwan Law Firm in Syracuse. Our founding partner and the firm’s broader legal team collectively command decades of on-point and tailored client representation that optimally promotes clients’ best interests across a broad dimension of commercial matters.

We provide a representative bullet-point list online that underscores our advocacy. Notably, it spans activities that are central from initial company formation to business succession planning.

That latter mention underscores subject matter that should often be timely addressed by business principals in myriad types of enterprises. It is destined for all key players in a company to eventually exit the stage. Having a sound plan in place to guide a change-in-ownership process can provide material clarity and peace of mind for all affected individuals.

We spotlight that reality on our website, stressing that, “A well-crafted succession plan aims to benefit everybody – the departing owner, the business, employees, and the successor.”

Every business is of course different, from its structure, dynamics and history to its workforce, core goals and fundamental operations. Consequently, a well-crafted and optimally structured succession plan will vary in every case.

Notwithstanding any core variance, though, succession planning will generally place a strong focus on some common considerations. Those range from an applicable timeline and a successor designation to the crafting of relevant documents/contracts and an assessment of company valuation.

Questions or concerns regarding business succession can be directed to a proven commercial law legal team.

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