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Restaurant owners and litigation

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Business Law |

Our law firm realizes how much pressure restaurant owners face on a daily basis. Uncertainty about the future of an establishment is common, especially in recent months as many businesses in New York have closed their doors temporarily or for good. Lawsuits arise for many different reasons, from wage and hour issues to complaints about food safety, slip-and-fall accidents, contract disputes and many other reasons. Unfortunately, litigation often makes it especially difficult for a restaurant to stay open.

If your restaurant is facing a lawsuit for any reason, it is imperative to prepare for court and defend your business’ reputation.

Examining the details of a case

Whether you are in the middle of a lawsuit regarding allegations of business fraud, employment law violations, the breach of a contract or complaints from customers, it is essential to pore over the details of the case. Sometimes, certain aspects of a claim are clearly baseless and some restaurant owners are able to defend their establishment by presenting key evidence and drawing attention to seemingly minor details. In some instances, it is challenging for those who lack familiarity with business litigation to go over these legal issues carefully.

The consequences of litigation

Restaurant owners need to realize just how much is at stake. A shattered reputation as a result of a lawsuit is often detrimental to the short-term and long-term health of a restaurant, whether customers decide to eat somewhere else or an owner cannot overcome the financial hardships associated with litigation. Explore our website to read more about handling a lawsuit as a restaurant owner.

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