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The startup surge in 2021 could establish a new record

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Business Formation, Business Law |

The situation that has required many people to work from home has resulted in many new entrepreneurs also taking advantage of the ability to operate a business by utilizing the virtual marketplace. In fact, many new businesses operate solely in a digital format for advertising and delivering their goods and services. Now the statistics for 2021 have been tabulated, and the anticipated increase is actually being reflected in real numbers. And this is especially true in the state of New York with its extensive population and vibrant business environment.

The increased numbers

The significant increase in new startups was among the welcome surprises when business statistics were tabulated at the end of 2021. The new business establishments were a marked increase from 2020 and even before during the recession that was experienced in the prior decade. More businesses means more economic activity, which is good for states like New York needing the new potential sales tax base. But it also has an additional upside.

New businesses means new jobs

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a solid economy is the addition of jobs. Not only do the new startup companies help fulfill this need for employment for new potential workers, but it initiates more cash movement that is the lifeblood of any economy. Additionally, not only does it help add people to the middle class when their earnings are significant, it also helps increase the state coffers through registration of the new business entities.

If this is any indication of the future, it appears to be bright as new entrepreneurs test the waters in a wide variety of industries. As the world changes, new industries and businesses will be evolving as well.

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