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Ensuring your accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2023 | Business Formation |

One way to establish credibility in the competitive landscape of small businesses is by securing accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB, this organization currently accredits over 400,000 businesses based on ethical standards and customer satisfaction.

It is important to know how to make sure the BBB accredits your small business and to understand the consequences if it falls short.

Start the application process

Begin by visiting the official BBB website and locating your local BBB office. Follow the application process, providing accurate information about your business, including its size, ownership and history.

Follow BBB standards

The BBB has a set of standards for trust that accredited businesses must adhere to. These standards encompass the following areas:

Building trust

Telling the truth

Responding to customer complaints

Protecting customer privacy

Deserving trust

Ensure your business aligns with these principles to boost your chances of accreditation.

Show a positive track record

Maintain a history of ethical business practices, prompt issue resolution and transparent communication. Highlight positive customer experiences over time to strengthen your application.

Enhance consumer trust

Without BBB accreditation, consumers may question the legitimacy of your business. Many customers rely on the BBB as a trusted resource when making purchasing decisions. Non-accredited businesses risk losing potential customers who focus on businesses with BBB approval.

Increase opportunities

Accreditation with the BBB enhances your business’s visibility. Non-accredited businesses miss opportunities for increased exposure through the BBB’s online directory and marketing initiatives. This diminished visibility can hinder growth and limit your customer base.

Be more visible online

BBB accreditation can impact your SEO strategies, improving your business’s ranking in search results. Without accreditation, your business may struggle to compete in the digital marketplace.

Securing accreditation from the Better Business Bureau is not merely a badge of honor. Along with search engine optimization and targeting marketing, it is a strategic move for small businesses aiming for sustained success.

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